Do you feel secure using VPN?

Why your current and historical confidential information communicated over VPN will soon be accessible to third parties!

Quantum computers is not science fiction. If they are not already in place, they will be so shortly. At the same time, most VPN providers have continued to provide VPN solutions with asymmetric key management, which is as good as no encryption for anyone with a quantum system.

Yes, this is a fact: asymmetric key management (which covers most of the world’s encrypted VPN communication), will soon render these useless for protection of communication.

So why does this concern our historical information? Because every intelligence agency which has the possibility of recording internet traffic does so, and stores it for future analysis. Some of the information leaked by Edward Snowden shows that the NSA has kept up to 15 years of records. This means that when the systems are in place to analyse traffic, our secrets will be available to read.

What this means for your organisation is up to you to determine. But be sure that if there is anything of any sort of information that is, or may become, interesting from an economic standpoint, it will be used to compete against you (and don’t be fooled if you are a small organisation – your information is just as valuable as if you are a large organisation).

So what is the solution? Without going into technical and mathematical details, the available solution is VPN systems with scalable symmetric key management.

And if you have not thought about this yet, it is definitely time to do so.

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