Kaluna. Situation based consulting.

Most leaders and professionals are competent and make good choices! Most companies have good structures and systems in place. However, unforeseen situations may occur, and the need for extra competence and capacity may arise as a consequence. Kaluna has specialized on situational consulting and consist of highly professional advisers organized in teams. Our partners are characterized by their seniority.

  • Situations sometimes occur after negative events, but situations can also be caused by positive events. Situations lead to challenges, and if not handled in time these challenges can cause greater problems for the company.

  • Our partners and advisers are working in teams specializing in a particular trade or industry. Handpicked teams of specialists create better results than generalists!

  • Kaluna partners and advisers have top management experience. Handling difficult situations require practical know-how as well as the right academic skill set.

Specialists in business- and organizational development

Our partners and advisers often work in specialized teams. Read more about our core competencies.

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Reorganisering av reisemålsselskapene i Norge

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