Challenge. Adapt. Evolve.

Most businesses have good structures and systems. Nevertheless; unforeseen situations that need to be addressed will allways arise. Kaluna challenge businesses to handle situations, adapt to a new status quo and to keep moving forward.

What we do

Kaluna is characterized by skills and tools that make it possible to balance business and organizational changes. This means that we are involved in extensive processes and change projects both in the public and private sectors.

Strategic and operational framework conditions::

  • Ownership challenges
  • The board´s challenges
  • Management´s challenges
  • Performance management
  • The exercise of management
  • Operationalisation of strategies

Operational result generation:

  • Implementation of targets and strategies
  • Operational management support
  • Company development
  • Restructuring
  • Innovation
  • Production management
  • Critical recruitments


The advisors in Kaluna have senior management experience, but also cover important areas and most relevant industries. Our consultants have experience from both the public and private sectors. We have experience from private, voluntary organizations with charitable or nonprofit purposes. Many of our partners have considerable international experience.

We believe our combined expertise is best utilized if it is assembled in a specialist team tailored to handle a certain type of situations.


A situation arise when external or internal conditions change relative to the organization's normal functioning. Situations are often linked to negative events, but situations may also result from positive events. Situations always presents challenges and can, if they are not dealt with in time, create severe future problems for the business.

Specialists in business- and organizational development

Our partners and advisers often work in specialized teams. Read more about our core competencies.

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