Kaluna makes it possible for organizations to act and communicate effectively in an information society which is increasingly threatened by global industrial espionage and criminal activity.

Specialist team: InfoRisk is designed to enable organisations to operate and communicate efficiently in an information environment which is threatened by global industrial espionage, criminal activities, etc.

As almost all valuable information is stored in IT systems, many organisations are spending large amounts of money to buy and maintain systems that are hopefully secure, or hoping that the global information collection systems are not targeting their individual organisation.

Human error, vulnerabilities, etc weaken all IT systems, which often leaves organisations vulnerable, as many have over-invested in technology that is almost never secure enough, and under-invested in building secure behaviour.

By helping organisations adopt a structured approach to handling information, Kaluna enables these to operate and communicate efficiently and securely in a cost-efficient manner.

 Specialist team: InfoRisk is led by Stefan Larsson from the Kaluna office in Sweden.